Yes, It’s Britain I’m talking about as
Moronic Social Services Tear Cancer boy away from Distraught Mother

I have just heard of a story from a very reliable source. I know this story is completely true; but if I say too much about, if I give any details which can identify anyone involved, I will be sent to jail for exposing the criminal secrecy of the Family Courts.

But if ever a case needs to be exposed (and it can’t be because the State says anyone exposing it will be imprisoned) this is one terrible injustice, artificially constructed by ignorant, nasty, people.

In a nutshell, a small boy of about seven years old is taken to hospital with vaguely flue like symptoms by his Mother. He is diagnosed with Leukeamia – a form of deadly cancer.

Of course any Mother in this situation is likely to become fairly agitated. In this hospital, staff, notably one Doctor B…., reported the mother to social services simply because they found the mother difficult to deal with and took against her ‘attitude’ to their sloppiness.

Astoundingly dimwitted, ill educated and incompetent social services staff then constructed a completely imaginary case the mother was not able to properly look after her son.

The basis of this seems to be this mother’s ‘attitide’ to hospital staff and social services. So social services forced the woman to undergo a psychiatric report which said that as the mother was contemptuous of people in authority, she must have a personality disorder and this would make her unfit to look after her own child.

Now, co-incidentally, I once had a similar experience of social services threatening to take my child away from me and have it adopted ‘if I didn’t co-operate’ with them. This was said to me by the Director of Children’s Services in front of my solicitor. This is no figment of my imagination, therefore.

I too was forced to undergo a psychiatric examination where the report announced that as I was such an individualistic person with a disregard of those in authority ( presumably social services) I too had a ‘borderline personality disorder’ which might make me unreliable in looking after my own child.

I was sufficiently articulate to fight these nasty minded people at their own game in court. I won, but it was always touch and go as to whether the bastards were going to rip my child from both his parents and condemn him to a life in abusive foster homes.

He had already been placed in foster care illegally by social services – without any justification at all, and against the order of a court that the child be looked after by me – and had been thoroughly physically abused. He was beaten black and blue by the foster parents poking him with a stick. Although this happened just before his third birthday, my child still remembers it years later.

So social services recommend to the (secret) family court that this Cancer boy be looked after by his criminally inclined Father with a history of violence and abuse and with the Mother only being allowed to see her son infrequently for just over an hour under the ever watchful and controlling eye of social services in one of their bleak ‘contact centres’.

Meanwhile, the boy angrily tells social services he doesn’t want to live with his father and sadly says “where’s my Mummy …. I want to go home to my Mummy” to hospital staff who refuse to allow his Mother to see him while he is still in hospital.

We know for certain the whole case was based on fantasy, as a psychiatrist examining the mother as part of the social services fabricated case reported to the family court that, if the mother had not taken her boy to hospital to be diagnosed and treated for his deadly disease in the first place, no accusations of possible future bad parenting would ever have been brought against her as it was clear she had always previously looked after her son very well before he came to the hospital.

It was only social services fantasizing about the mother possiibly not being able to properly look after her child at some vaguely undefined point in the future that mysteriously gave rise to the evil minded family court, knowing they were completely unaccountablt to anyone owing to complete secrecy, forcing the boy to live with a father he feared and disliked.

Meanwhile, the boy pines for his Mother, and his Mother has been driven to distraction by having her son torn from the family home by small minded, ignorant State employees without the slightest justification.


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  1. zephyr Says:

    I believe it. There are power games going on using our recently invented nomenclature of personality disorders – especially borderline (the criteria giving “authorities” and others over 256 different combinations to declare someone as having BPD) – that ignore in the most unfeeling and sometimes nastiest way the extreme psychic pain that are behind these “behaviors” to begin with. They ignore the fact that these are people that may have problems with authority deeply rooted in personal (traumatic) histories of abuse or neglect – but this does not stop them from loving their children and being there for them.

    It is monstrous to think that just because a parent is neurotic – or even psychotic at times, his/her children would be better off without parents. Stories of children shifted from foster home to foster home are almost always much sadder than the rest.

    Especially with what we call BPD – a mixture of traits and states thet are so entangled, the dx is fraught with problems. It is becoming less and less clear that the emotional dysregulation/ dysphoria seen in about half of people who get this dx even has something in common with the impulsive/histrionic presentation that gets the other half. Studies that claim it is an attachment disorder find that there is also a small group that are “securely attached”.

    Studies on impulsiveness find that there is a small group that are not impulsive at all. Many many studies have come to the conclusion that no one is “borderline” all the time – like mood disorders it will wax and wane – probably appearing in times of re-traumatization or of severe interpersonal emotional stress.

    The world is unfortunately full of individuals that once received this dx, now consider themselves cured and full authorities on the subject – some have gone into counselling and set up websites on the subject – full of distortion as this is a dx that is paradoxically not about personality as much as they might insist that it is so that they can say – okay i was BAD but now I’m GOOD.

    Anyone that spends even thirty minutes browsing a site such as Medscape will at least quickly stop generalizing – except perhaps to say as M.C: Zanarini has recently concluded that the only discerning aspect of Borderline PD is the enormous emotional pain these people are in and their inablilty to communicate it in a way that will make people respond and help.

    I would add that the world is simply of an astounding indifference to any pain that is not accompanied by something that they can SEE. And when the BPD cuts him/herself, or gives up and jumps off the roof, then the same uncaring world will ease it’s conscience by declaring the unfortunate soul to be as manipulative as Machieval.

  2. strugglingsingledad Says:

    Hmm. this seems to confirm my suspicions that personality disorder is something invented by Stalin to ‘imprison’ anyone he didn’t like by classifying them as mentally ill and in need of treatment in a secure ‘psychiatric’ hospital.

    You seem to be saying that almost any kind of behaviour can be used to diagnose personality disorder.

    Can you elucidate ?


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