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July 1, 2008

Why is the Internet so unbelievably and unnecessarily aggravating – not to mention monumentally time wasting ?


I find using computers and the internet extraordinary; everything seems to be made deliberately difficult.

It seems finding out how to blog is rather like trying to unlock a combination lock with guesswork. Everything is guesswork to a greater or lesser degree. So, although it is intrinsically simple, it is made immensely complicated – and therefore horribly time consuming.

The reality is an experienced person could stand over the shoulder of a new beginner and say “do this, this and this because……”

It would take a very short time – an hour or two at most – to learn how to do all the relevant things, instead of spending half a lifetime trying to guess.

This tutorial could be converted into a written form which could be quite brief. It would be a godsend to people ! I have yet to see anything remotely like it.

That is why I have only the foggiest idea of how to get the readers in to my blog.

I have absorbed (over a vast period of time on the internet) the fact that:

a)  You have to post frequently
b)  link to other sites/blogs

Posting frequently I can understand. Linking, no. First of all what exactly is linking ? Is it the contents of your blogroll – the thing of adding other blogs to your sidebar ? If so there is a bit of a limit to how many you can add. Also it is rather random – just hoping that particular blog will be interested in you. It may or may not be.

Or does linking really mean picking on every available word in your blog text and turning it into a highlighted hyperlink to some random site ? If so, I cannot understand the validity of that.

When I first came across this as a reader, I thought the fact a word in the text you were reading was highlighted as a hyperlink meant it had some particular relevance to what I was reading.

I became increasingly irritated as these links led me randomly around the internet to read things that simply held no interest and unfocussed my mind until it became a bit like fermenting porridge and about as useful. The time wasting has been of epic proportions. I have had enough of it. life’s too short to waste on computer nerdiness.

The other thing I fail to understand is how blogs which are unremarkable have attracted large numbers of readers and in some cases have over-excited book publishers into wanting to publish books ?

I still remain mystified ?