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November 21, 2008

I overheard this conversation in one of those ‘chatrooms’ on the internet today and I found it priceless. A little cameo of just how mad the banks are becoming now. It’s no wonder they are busy destroying the Worldwide economy – they have completely taken leave of their senses !

0845/0870 calls from banks

Has anyone else received any? I started getting calls from 0845 3312320 on Tuesday purporting to be from LloydsTSB – an automated message that asks you to ring the number and leave your personal details before you can speak to anyone, which of course I didn’t, thinking it was a scam.

After much hassle and about 20 more of these bloody calls I find out they are indeed from Lloyds and am pretty pissed off. In these days of mass fraud how irresponsible is it for banks to be cold calling and asking for your personal details? Am also doubly annoyed because I’ve had endless problems with fraud in the past five years or so, including my ID and cards being stolen, cloned etc, all of which the bank knows about.

Anyone seen any articles about this kind of thing as I’ll be pitching to the money pages if it’s not been done to death.

……..Yep I regularly get them from HSBC too, even though I switched banks a year ago

……..Natwest is doing something similar. My bank and other companies have rung me before now and been astonished when I insist on ringing them back before giving any personal info.

……..I did an article about this for the Telegraph – my husband received an automated call from Lloyds when they stopped his card when we were in Morocco. Actually the article was more about cards being stopped when you are on holiday, but that was in there.

……….Lloyds stopped my card after my tenants paid money INTO my account. Their excuse was that it was an unknown transaction – all £750 of it.

…………Lloyds are quite heavy handed about stopping cards. They stopped Alex’s because of “suspicious payments” – it was £30 for our regular Friday night take aways.


…….I know, I thought I’d heard everything. It was a Saturday too, so I couldnt’ even go into a branch. Luckily I was with a friend and she lent me some money so I didn’t have to pay for my bus fare, bagel and coffee with my credit card. I then spent a frustrating hour trying to explain to Lloyds that freezing someone’s account because a couple of hundred quid had been paid into it was not in any way, shape or form helping to safeguard against fraud. And then they ring you up and ask you tell all to machine. Ha!

Aren’t the banks simply a delight to do business with these days !

Or perhaps they are just run by half wits who are so obsessed with their own culture of rapacious greed and vicious treatment of customers, they don’t understand how destructive and immoral they really are.

They seem to be so arrogant they actually think they can do absolutely anything they please with a total disregard of honesty and law.


Perhaps I’d Better Start At The Beginning

May 16, 2008

The beginning isn’t so easy to find, though. Where is it ? Is the beginning where my wife suddenly, out of the blue, announced she was leaving me to run off with another man ? Or is the beginning of this story when I met my second partner and Mother of my  Son. Or does it really begin when my second partner started going mad. 

Yes, that’s mad. Stark staring bonkers. It was schizophrenia. It trashed my life and left me a single parent, which is where we come to now.


This blog is about this story. And boy, oh boy are there some gruesome details.